Blue Screen of Death Error on Windows 10, 7, 8, 8 1 and XP Fixed

Thought my SSD died along with my study notes for an upcomming exam. Just adding my comment in case it helps someone. It happened to me yesterday and I thought that my SATA SSD was fried.

Now under the Properties’ Menu, select the ‘Tools’ tab and then click on ‘Check’ under the Error-checking. The software interface is designed beautifully with equally taking care of technical and non-technical folks. I really like the “Select What To Recover” screen which helps me to easily recover only required files. Good to know that our windows recovery software is helpful to you. Select what files you want to recover from the given options and click ‘Next’. Connect the affected hard drive to the system via USB port and launch the program.

How to Change Brightness in Windows 11

For example, the Windows search feature makes it is easier to find files and programs on your computer. Use the instructions from this post to create a new user account with Administrative privileges. As a matter of that Windows doesn’t work normally and the user cannot access any of his personal files.

  • Of course, this is rarely seen as a solution to permanently fix the hard disk read error component, but it does work under certain conditions.
  • If the app is not installed on your computer, download the latest version from the HP Support Assistant website.
  • An obsolete driver or missing updates or corrupted updates could be responsible for a BSOD that prevents you from accessing the desktop.
  • Sometimes, like any other programs, Automatic Repair fails to work and you get an error message – Automatic Repair couldn’t repair your PC.

By using Registry Utilities Professional regularly and fixing registry errors your computer will be more stable and faster. Registry Utilities Professional thoroughly scans your computer and provides a list of errors with detailed descriptions and recommended fixes. With just a few clicks, Registry Utilities Professional fixes registry errors and eliminates PC crashes and freezes. The best registry cleaners make it simple and easy to optimize the performance of your Windows computers. Next, load the registry hive you want to edit. Loading a hive means opening the offline registry file from the Windows OS drive, which will then become visible in the offline registry editor.

Winamp for Windows PC is now available for download

So these are the seven ways you can diagnose disk-related errors on your Windows 11 PC. If you are still able to log into your PC, I suggest looking for errors, fixing them, and backing up data before things get awry with a hard drive failure. If you are getting a black screen on Windows 11, we have compiled a number of solutions to fix that issue as well. Finally, if you have any questions about Windows 11 errors or issues, let us know in the comments section below. When you are working on your PC, your hard disk and RAM are writing and reading data. If your computer shuts down unexpectedly, you may lose some of the data stored in RAM — in the worst-case scenario, this can even lead to hard disk damage.

How to Repair Windows 10 Registry (3 Easy Methods)

Since you’re currently using the PC, you’ll need to scan the drive later. Choose Y to schedule a scan the next time your PC restarts. Upgrading from one version of Windows to another doesn’t affect your programs, but it will clear your cache of trusted sites, which will need to be restored.

You manually compressed the whole of the system partition via the drive’s Properties window. Since this error in computer becomes more and more frequent, there are many third party tools available for this typical problem. If you know reputable company, you can call in a powerful application to resolve the error simply. I don’t seem to have access to the vmdkmounter utility….. I have searched using spotlight and the vmdkmounter is not on the list when I ctrl-click my virtual machine file… You can still access the data currently on the damaged virtual download here disk, assuming the disk itself is not corrupt.

Select Exit pane in BIOS main index bar, use the downward arrow key to choose Load Setup Defaults to restart the BIOS. Shut down your PC by pressing the Shift key and restart the system by pressing the power button and start tapping F12 or F1 or F2 or F10 or DEL or ESC key. Different Keys are used in different systems to go into BIOS.

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