Xtreme Acoustics XASGM02SC SGM-02 Vlogging kit with mini tripod

Smartphone Video Kit for Vlog Starter

All you need is a smartphone and SGM-02 Vlogging kit for video recording for youtube starters. It includes all basic accessories needed for vlogger. Perfect for everyday vlog, video recording, youtube, instagram reels, fitness, yoga etc.

Note- SGM-02 has TRRS and TRS 3.5mm cables for smartphones (1 feet cable length) and cameras respectively. It is compatible with devices with 3.5mm connection. For Type-C or Phones with lightning connection, get an original OTG adapter.

Features that matters!

Feature packed kit- Ideal for Portable Video Recording Anywhere

Whats in the box!

  • Tripod stand- The tripod stand is adjustable and is made of ABS material with the foldable legs that can be adjusted to use for various photography scenarios.
  • SGM-02- The shotgun microphone has cardioid polar pattern, that lets you capture audio within a radius of 5ft to 10ft. Moreover, its unidirectional polar pattern feature makes this microphone more sensitive to sounds emanating directly in front of it. As a result, this microphone does not pick up on ambient noise from your background or sides, which helps enhance the clarity of your recording.
  • Mobile holder- Smart phone holder with cold shoe, works with on almost any product built in shoe.
  • Wireless remote- The remote control allows you to take pictures when you are away from the camera or mobile phone.
  • Windscreen- Helps to remove the extraneous and unwanted noise.
  • LED light- 36 LED lights help meets more lighting needs, perfect for vlogging youtube or video conference.

Tripod is with the two foldable legs that has to be extended from the two ends in order to open it up.

Make you more bright, radiant and presentable.

B-capsule cardioid- unidirectional shotgun microphone.