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Thank you for purchasing STUDIO 2 usb interface,the best, most portable and affortable audio interface in its class
You are just a few steps away from recording you own unique track.

Steps to install the driver software:

For Windows:

Inserthe CD drive to the laptop/desktop and click on install, Note- have studio2 connected to the laptop/desktop via usb port while installation.

The application will auto install onto your computer, it will either be installed in the deafult c drive or can can choose to select the installation destination.

Do have the desktop icon create which gives you easy and quick acess, this control panal allows you to adjust the buffer size and sample rate of your studio2 .

once the installion is complete, do restart the computer for the driver to operate properly


Studio 2 is a class-compliant Core Audio device. No
installation is necessary on Mac laptop/dektop , Simply connectit to your Mac to begin using it.