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XAMXB4.ZC- Home Recording Studio Combo with Condenser mic and boom arm

- XAMXB4 4 channel Audio Mixer with 48v Phantom Power, Bluetooth connectivity for background music, USB/instrument input, direct mobile live streaming port and cable, 3.5mm Mic and Headphone In, special delay and repeat eff¬ects, PC/Mobile recording and live streaming - Professional Unidirectional Condenser Microphone with frequency response of 30Hz-18KHz and a sensitivity of -45dB±2Db for capturing studio quality audio with no noise. Sturdy shock mount along with Pop Filter included in-box to reduce vibration noise to capture high quality audio. - Adjustable Boom Arm stand so that the mic can be mounted wherever. The stand can be attached to any table, shelf etc so that the microphone can be attached as per the requirement of the user. - This all-in-one-kit is the perfect pick for any aspiring musicians, singers, youtubers, podcasters etc who are looking to set up their own home recording setup. This kit is extremely easy to setup that has everything you need to record studio-quality audio. - What’s in the box – XAMXB4 Audio Mixer, Condenser Microphone, 3.5mm TRRS Live Out Cable, 5v Charging/Computer Cable and Adapter, XLR Cable, Adjustable Boom Arm Stand, and Shock Mount.